2000 Roundtable Discussion

By Homer O. Carter, Sr.

Jan 2

May 28

June 26

July 4

July 16


Jan 2 Top  

    The ROUND TABLE has been having more verbalistic activity. The participants are bring up more points of view about the subjects being discussed. Nature and politics are being heavily scrutinized and debated. The straightforwardness and sincerity of informational sharing is very enlightening. Come to the round table and help us all become more enlightened. You may contact the writer of this Canaan column in regards to your round table thoughts of the day.

May 28 Top  

Hello Folks,

    The Memorial Day was a cold day but we still had our first Bar-a-Que and roundtable discussion on lots of things. Planting was one of the topics. As it was cold and wet some of the potato planting will be late as the ground is to wet so the tractors can not get on the land. But they are trying to plant where they can. I have some of the garden in and some of it is coming up. You may have some of your garden up also. The weeds come up also but they will be gone as soon as you plant. To day I want to plant some of the plants that I started in the green house. They are ready to be put out in the garden. We have lots of flowers that are ready to be sold and put in the gardens. Come and see what is ready.

June 26 Top  

Hello Folks,

    Have been getting some inquires about why the barbecues and roundtable discussion information is not in this column every week. The answer is debatable and will be discussed at the next roundtable barbecue.

    If there is a subject you would like to have discussed at the roundtable, please bring it and participate. Facts and opinions are appreciated. Hopefully this summer will have weather conducive to participation and enjoyment in these activities.

    It has been tentatively decided to use a 48 inch x 96 inch table for the open air Roundtable discussions this summer. The round table that has been used in the past, will stay inside this year. The 4x8 will relieve the congestion of people at the picnic table. It will also allow those that so desire, to more easily turn a deaf ear to the interchanging of views.

July 4 Top  

    July 4th in the year of 2000 was really a Prime Time at the Roundtable Barbecue Tropical Fish Road Canaan Maine. Participants were not only local residents but some came from over fifty miles away.

    Grandma Tuttle and her dog Rusty added a wonderful zest of pleasure that will always be remembered by those that were present. Rusty had no problem with Marjorie’s cats that were also in attendance.

    Mr. & Mrs. Prime as usual, were great contributors to the "wonderful prime time" that was enjoyed by all. Mr. Prime enjoys healthy foods and healthy discussions.

    The above people are regular participants and are regular supporters of the Roundtable Barbecues at the end of the tar Tropical Fish Road Canaan Maine. These events, due to the varied discussions, spawned the Kinfolk Gatherings that are held at the same location.

    The other participants in attendance July 4, 2000 were great. It would be wonderful if they became regular attendees. It is really amazing how the input from other points of view can and do, add such great enhancements to "food for thought".

    Pressure treated lumber was one of the subjects of the roundtable discussions. It seems there are many conflicting informational articles in regards to pressure treated Lumber.

    Some of the information that was studied touted the safety of pressure treated lumber. There were other informative articles that quite emphatically stated the irreversible problems that might occur from using pressure treated lumber.

    Please folks, let us know about your thoughts and knowledge in regards to pressure treated lumber.

July 16 Top

    Hello to the readers of this column from The Roundtable discussion participants. Many thanks to you readers that have been sending in subjects for them to discuss. To the computer buffs we suggest when searching that you search Maine first. This is an example - choose a search engine - type in - Maine tropical fish. In other words always type in Maine and then what you are looking for. Of course a really good thing to type in is Canaan Maine.

    Now on to another subject. Barbecues are getting much more frequent. They are fantastically delicious and the variety of Home Grown foods are predominating. Various meats and vegetables that are home grown have introduced an enhanced desire to grow more of them. The flavorable freshness of home grown is very captivating. Of course one little fellow said he had rather have store milk than cows milk. But "to each their own" as the old saying goes. Come to the roundtable barbecues one all and tell all your stories great and tall.

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