Frugality Versus Waste

To Whom This May Concern:

This was originally written several years ago.  I am trying to reorganize my computer files and would like to give you the opportunity to agree or disagree with some of my thoughts.  Please read on.

As people become more enlightened, they are more frugal.  They are not as wasteful with money, goods and other resources.

They take much better care of everything including themselves.

This in turn causes people that are capitalizing on a wasteful economy, to experience recessions, depressions and frustrations.

Then scads of misleading and sometimes false information is provided to frustrate the more gullible.

This incites a renewed vigor in waste, improper decisions and malcontent.

In turn this refuels the coffers of the waste mongering flimflammers that prey on the naive.

Sometimes, they can even get some civil disobedience under way, that can lead to police action or martial law or even escalate into a horrible all-out war.  The profits of which they quickly squirrel away, to their already superabundant stash.

Facing up to the reality of what is happening is really shocking.  Much suffering goes on to pay for satanic luxuries.  What kind of a person is it that can feel super egotistically happy about such ruthless tactics?

This is what I calculate from my vantage point as of this date October 6, 1992. What is your opinion?

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Concernedly Yours,

Homer O. Carter, Sr., Tropical Fish Rd, Canaan Maine


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