Historical Tales About

Family, Life, Happiness, Woes, Etc.

 Of Homah Tohmah Totah


Woe is me for the duration of my bodily existence until when.  This being related to a prenatal happenstance involving a wolf.  The wolf was chasing my Mother across the back field and up a hill.  Mother came to the pasture fence at full speed.  There was no time to go to the gate and open it.  Mother scaled the fence in one mighty stride, continuing on into the house without breaking pace.  Needless to say but saying it anyway; recuperation at that state of pregnancy was a siege of immense proportions.

July 24, 1922 at five o'clock eastern standard time, I laboriously gasped a breath of air.  Due to my prenatal bout with a specie of gray wolf, I made an early entrance into a life of many problematic issues of health.

For awhile I will write about a different subject, the subject being what some called; "injun devils".  There have been many thoughts, theories and hallucinations about the so called "injun devils".  They were spasmodically active in the evening for nearly a dozen years that I remember.  Finally when we got what our next door neighbor called, a white man's piece of paper saying, a particular lot of land was legally ours, the "injun devils" gradually ceased to visibly frequent the area with such vim, vigor and noticeability.

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