Legalized Commercialization And Destruction of Nature

Maybe yes Maybe no

By Homer Owen Carter, Sr.

January 19, 2000

How much do you remember about the last century?  Do you remember one quarter of it?  Do you remember half?  Perhaps you can remember, the whole of it?

Nature, what do you remember about the wilds of nature?  Did you live close to forest, fields, waterways, brooks, etc.?  Were there many wild animals and birds?

Where I grew up, many people raised most of the food they needed.  They also harvested wild foods from the fields, forest and waters.  It was very pleasurable sharing with others, the extras, one was fortunate to garner.

It is doubtless the enjoyments of that easy pleasurable lifestyle, will ever occur again, with today's legally commercialized destruction of nature.  The harsh reality of desired luxuries has curtailed the easy, pleasurable lifestyle of yesteryears.

2000 Homer Owen Carter, Sr.  - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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