My Ancestors

By Homer O. Carter, Sr.

138 Tropical Fish Road, Canaan, Maine 04924

Wednesday, January 22, 2004

Some centuries ago my ancestors on this continent were becoming less in population numbers. Their salvation was due to the Scandinavian Ocean Travelers landing on our ancestral shores.

These Scandinavians were a peaceful life loving people. It was with great joy that my ancestors and ancestors to be, greeted each other. Much happiness followed, sharing knowledge, food and hospitable care for one another.

It was with great joy these people survived together. They shared themselves and knowledge for the betterment of everyone concerned.

This area is long the Union River of Hancock County Maine. Many of my ancestors traveled the length of this river. They fished, hunted and gathered whatever was available for sustenance.

I was born in the area known as North Mariaville. My birthplace wa in an area close to my native Great Grandmother's Childhood abode.

My parent's brought me up to hunt, fish, gather and live close to my native ancestors way of life. I also attended the Washington Grammar School in Mariaville Maine and the Ellsworth High School in Ellsworth Maine.

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