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Your critique and reading of this verbiage will be greatly respected and honored by me.

Greetings and Felicitations:

I do not remember the exact wording and grammatical inflection.  However, as I recall the stated question being somewhat debatable, I will attempt to expound in kind. Some people I was talking with, asked me to answer the following question.

The question being, which statement is right? Two and Two is Six or Two and Two are Six.

It flashed through my mind that either statement could be considered right or wrong.  There are also various aspects to consider in the answering of a question. Should one question the questioner more thoroughly before attempting an answer or should, one figuratively speaking, take a shot in the dark?

I decided to take a shot in the dark, answering as follows.  The answer was very pleasing to all that were within hearing.

Parenthetically speaking, or should I say in this instance, parenthetically writing, if one individually considers; grammatical, mathematical, and political points of precedences.  The answer could possibly depend on the cut off date of researching the past and the accumulated information used in the decision making process.

In consideration of all the above, it could be stated that: EITHER or EYTHER, NEITHER or NEYTHER or even one or the other could be right or wrong.

In retrospect, considering the political performances to date, anything one can get away with seems acceptable to the propagators, debatable by others and despicable by some.

As this seems to be never ending rhetorical theses, why don't you carry on for a while?

Please feel free, if so inclined, to communicate your suggestive thoughts to the ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS

Please excuse errors, omissions and blunders, in the expoundings of my limited knowledge to date.

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October 23, 1992

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